Salamaua Weekends!

Salamaua where do I begin… Salamaua is literally my idea of paradise it is about 36km south east of Lae and can only be reached by boat!

I am so in love with the place, there is so much history from World War II, the people in the local villages of Kela and Lagui are so sweet – the kids are running around, jumping off of trees and rocks into the surf, they attend church on Sundays (their little singing voices are so angelic) and then to top it all off there are coconut trees and little stray puppies everywhere! there’s amazing spots to snorkel, dive and fish and lucky for expats most  companies here in Lae own a boat and/or have shares in a holiday house to take turns spending the weekend in.
Now for a little bit of the history on Salamaua – in the 1920’s Salamua was the staging post for prospective miners to explore the inlands for more gold then in 1942 the town was captured by the Japanese during World War II and unfortunately destroyed during the reoccupation known as the ‘Salamua-Lae Campaign’ which was led by the Australia and United States forces. There are still guns, tanks and live ammunition scattered all over and if you are up for a somewhat vertical hike you can check out the Japanese war graves – I’ll be sure to post plenty of photos once I manage to not drink so much the night before and make the journey myself! xx


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First weekend down

First weekend down! Managed to unpack all of our luggage and settle in to our apartment quite easily and then spent most of Saturday driving around to the local ‘department stores’ looking for little things to make the place more homely – note to self: you cannot buy indoor plants in Lae.
We did however manage to pick up a hair dryer for K58 – the fan broke off and blew up when I tried to dry my hair on Sunday morning haha! (My fault for trying to save money)

Sunday we had breakfast at the yacht club and then went back again in the afternoon to listen to some ‘live music’ (this is a local guy with a laptop covering songs – Bloody good voice though so well worth it!), we met a group of lovely young expats which have added me to their email list ‘Early Chicks’ so I can keep up with the social activities here for the wives in Lae (hoping I can either keep posing as a wife or they will make an exception for an unwed broad like myself)

All and all I’m marking the first weekend off as a success! Now I’m off to exchange my hairdryer!