First weekend down

First weekend down! Managed to unpack all of our luggage and settle in to our apartment quite easily and then spent most of Saturday driving around to the local ‘department stores’ looking for little things to make the place more homely – note to self: you cannot buy indoor plants in Lae.
We did however manage to pick up a hair dryer for K58 – the fan broke off and blew up when I tried to dry my hair on Sunday morning haha! (My fault for trying to save money)

Sunday we had breakfast at the yacht club and then went back again in the afternoon to listen to some ‘live music’ (this is a local guy with a laptop covering songs – Bloody good voice though so well worth it!), we met a group of lovely young expats which have added me to their email list ‘Early Chicks’ so I can keep up with the social activities here for the wives in Lae (hoping I can either keep posing as a wife or they will make an exception for an unwed broad like myself)

All and all I’m marking the first weekend off as a success! Now I’m off to exchange my hairdryer!



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